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    Dog Whisperer Group Classes (Jan 17)

    Become a Whisperer - 4 Weekly Classes - $195

    For dogs 12 months and older.  Must be spayed/neutered.  One dog per handler.  

    *New - returning students get 35% off

     Wed Evenings 7pm, 1 hour, 4 weeks.  

    This is a life changing course and you won't find anything like it anywhere... believe me.  All dogs in the class become a single pack, and all humans unite to form a conscientious and loving master.  

    Dogs can be trained in basic commands, or not... you will quickly see how it doesn't matter.

     We alternate between learning, training, and playing in a safe and supervised dog daycare facility.  

    • Learn how to use your spine, body, eyes and emotions to talk to animals.

    • Learn how to read common dog postures, develop a vocabulary, and respond respectfully.  

    • Learn what a resource really is, who owns it, when it's owned, how to share it, how to be a master.

    • Practice this form in a safe and compassinoate environment.

    • Develop a sense of calmness and confidence around dogs of all sizes, energies, temperaments.

    • Learn how to give commands like a true master.  

    • Learn how to master loose leash walking.

    • Learn techniques for leash free walking, though not all dogs are suited for this.

    • This will be an ongoing course and one can continue monthly if one desires.



    Jesse and Luna, jungle dog from the Amazon.  We found each other and decided to stick together.