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    Private Dog Training in your Home

    Dog Training Programs

    The roots of our training style are firmly grounded in the principles of present moment living, non-harming, and an impeccable sense of timing and reward.  We recognize your dog's first instinct is that of the Animal Kingdom, not the human world.  Our training approach is hand’s on... We come to your house and spend one on one time working with your dog first, then we coach you how to follow through to achieve exceptional results.  

    Feel free to check out Jesse's blog for training tips and his video page on youtube.  This video shows a snippet of Jesse’s training style...

    Here are a few examples of how he might be able to help you:

    • New Puppies - from 8 weeks on...adapting to the human world.   Learning their names, potty training, peeing/pooing on command, asking to go outside, house rules, stop nipping, building constructive behaviours, food etiquette.
    • Young Dogs - socialization, mastering commands and building discipline.... sit, down, stay, come, leave it, take it, drop it, loose leash walking... intro to no leash walking.
    • Fun Stuff - catch it, get it, bring it, fetch, find it, name it, high five... and other custom requests.
    • Behaviour - babies, children, barking at the door, leash aggression, fear aggression and fearfulness, rescues, rhabilitation, building trust, earning respect, positive behaviour modification.
    • The perfect pet - calm, loving, exceptionally tempered, well disciplined, perfect pet that every one talks about.


    • $95 an hour or $130 for a 2 hour session.
    • $265 for a pack of 3 sessions (expires in 6 months).  First session is 90  mins, others are 60.  
    • $375 for a pack of 5 sessions (expires in 1 year).  First session is 90, others are 60.  Includes up to 30 minutes for 'tech support' (phone advice).
    • Tech Support (phone advice) is $30 for up to 30 minutes.

    Fine Print 

    • All training clients must review and sign our terms of service. (Please print and have ready at first lesson).
    • Training hours are Mon-Fri 11am - 7pm, Sat and Sun by appointment.  
    • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for your session.