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    We believe that it’s possible to provide our dogs with the lifestyle they crave, leaving them happy, peaceful, and joyful... even in today’s hustling-bustling world.

    We believe that dogs who are home alone all day have a tendency to be under stimulated, bored, or anxious because their pack has left them on their own.  It’s unnatural for them and it’s unhealthy. 

    We believe it’s possible for all ‘city dogs’ to find their inner calm and radiant joy.  We believe that the recipe for this is to first exercise their bodies, then exercise their minds, while providing them with a safe environment that is rich in leisure and that meets the needs of each dog.

    Our trained dog handlers are calm and strong, mindful of their pack, and of the community in which they walk.  

    We also believe that it’s important to stimulate our dogs’ minds.  This is why we create unique games for each dog.  Our games are designed to be both fun and intellectually challenging.

    We believe that it’s important to provide dogs with an enriched daytime program.  That’s why we’ve established a daycare routine... one that brings structure, discipline,  and boundaries into their day.  Though each dog is unique, all dogs are expected to be polite and courteous to one another.    

    We believe that our planet is precious and we’re doing what we can to minimize our carbon footprint.  Our floor is made of 2000 lbs of recycled rubber tires, making it a safe and sanitary environment for dogs to play on.  Our cleaning products are made of essential oils and are non-toxic.  We use poo bags made of 80% post-consumer recycled material that will break down within 18 months.

    We believe in the principles of non-harming, and we’re fans of positive reinforcement dog training.  Our favourite dog treats are healthy... and we believe that the best reward of all is well timed praise accompanied with a whole lot of LOVE.

    This isn’t work for us.  It’s something that we LOVE to do.