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    The Dog Walking/Training Program



    New Half Day Program

    Many of our grooming and training clients have yet to experience our Daycare Program... but on occasion when they do, they always report how happy their dog is to come back!

    Clients also say how tired their dog is and how calmly it behaves upon leaving daycare. This kind of feedback has motivated me to develop an affordable daycare program that is b etter for your dog then dog walking.

    We are introducing a new program that is designed to attract clients who are already using a regular dog walker.. or those who are in the market for one. 



    Program Includes

    • Daily Leash Training
    • Core Command Training: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Drop it.
    • True Socialization (good for fear barkers, all dogs really)


    This service includes one way transportation (a second can be added on.) You can drop your dog off in the morning and we can take him home in the afternoon, or we can pick your dog up in the middle of the day and you can pick them up after work.



    This program is designed for regular clients so we are only selling these packages in denominations of 20 at a time.  This way we can offer you value pricing, and also not require you to come every day.  (In case you want to split your dog's time b/t this program and dog walking for the winter).

    Pricing is between 25-35 a day, depending on taxi location and travel time.