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    What you can Expect

    Our Toronto based dog grooming shop has three professionally trained groomers with a combined 20 years of experience.  We groom dogs of all breeds, all ages, and all temperaments.  We are exceptionally skillful with the scissors, we are gentle, loving, calm and excellent dog handlers.  Each grooming appointment begins with a brief consultation between you, your dog and one of our groomers.  We are grateful for our latest award, best dog groomer for 2013.

    Our Services 

    Our services include (and are not limited to) puppy baths, first time puppy grooming (desensitizing and positive conditioning), breed specific grooming, puppy cuts on adult dogs,  bath and tidy, medicated shampooing, dog nail cuts, dog brushing, de-tangling.  All of our appointments come with complimentary free daycare.  

    What Makes us Unique

    There are no secrets when you're in tune with your dog.  This is why we let your dog do most of our selling...The sounds of excitement of return clients approaching our store can be heard long before they enter the doorway.  These are customers who've already discovered the Royal Grooming Experience.

    Grooming dogs can have the daycare experience too!  That means no cages, and the option to play or chill with new dog friends in a 2000 sq foot open concept environment.  This gives you the option to drop your dog off before work and pick up at the end of the day if you need it.  

    Our Guarantee

    We've all had an experience with our own hair cuts where we love it at the salon, but then we get home and it feels slightly 'off' to us.  If you get this feeling from a groom at Woof & Shloof we promise to fix it up within one week of the original appointment.




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