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    Daycare Programs



    Dog Daycare Programs

    Our doggie daycare program is unique and so is our philosophy. Your dog's day is filled with structure, routines, mentally stimulating games, rest, relaxation, belly rubs and healthy treats.


    We offer play by the hour, half day, or full day dog daycare. We offer drop in pricing for your convenience, and we also offer never-expiring package deals for better value.




    • Your dog must be well socialized, fully vaccinated and have an understanding of the basic commands.
    • New customers can register online.
    • Your dog must pass a brief 'interview' with us before becoming a client.
    • Please call us to book your doggie interview.
    • Your dog must have a safe fitting collar (flat collar, martingale or gentle leader. No harnasses.)
    (4 Hours)
    DROP IN $15 $31  
    PACKAGE OF 10 n/a $27/day
    PACKAGE OF 20 n/a $24/day
    DROP IN $42.50  
    PACKAGE OF 10 $36.50/day
    PACKAGE OF 20 $32/day

    * Drop off as early as 7am and pick up as late as 6pm. Late fees apply ($10 for every 10 min after 6pm). Daycare packages do not expire.


    *Note - Our "Flex Pack" is not longer available for purchase, but if you have credits remaining on an existing flex pack they will still be honored.