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    Winter Sun Dog


    Today is the shortest day of the year.  The collective vibe is giving its share of cheer... and stress!

    Though we’re lacking in external sunlight, our dogs will  shower us with their warmth.  This detoxes us emotionally.  If we want to reap even more from our relationship with our dogs it’s important to practice paying attention to our physical posture.  

    In our wednesday night dog whispering classes we learn how to give back to our dogs just by paying attention to our posture.  (Enrolment for January 2018 is open, email info@ or call us, number above).

    Many times we accidentally project an assertive posture... this triggers a fear state in our dogs.

    The optimal posture continuously broadcasts a non-conflict seeking vibration.  This keeps our dogs out of a fear state and let’s it deepen its natural meditative state.  This is good because it enhances the winter ‘dog sun’ effect, enabling our dogs to shower us with more calm warmth.

    My wish this holiday season is that you tap into your dog’s deep present moment ‘presence’.  Use it to elevate your own presence.  

    Begin to contemplate what your spine look like when you’re just ‘being’ with your dog.  

    May you unlock these secrets of nature for yourself.


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