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    Majestic Nature of Dog

    Cultivating Majesty....

    We are all born with the purpose of evolving into a King or a Queen... it's our genetic nature.  Trust me.  

    Instead of accumulating material wealth and ruling by force to build our kingdoms, our duty is to accumulate wisdom and compassion and rule with love. 

    Rule what?  The magic is that you decide what your kingdom is...The office... the kitchen... the dog park... the earth.  Imagination is the 5th dimension.  Use it powerfully.  Use it creatively.

    Few of us are born into an environment where humans teach us how to embody 'The Way like this.  We all need a teacher...I personally am still learning and will continue to forever.  How lucky am I that I get to study your majestic dogs all day, every day.

    My desire is that you study this picture above.  Notice how open this dog's sense gates are.  Notice how comfortable he is in that posture.  Notice how he's able to feel the earth, the wind, the smells, the sounds of the environment... This is called learning how to be still with what is present.  

    Easy to say... hard to do.

    May we find the internal strength to stay present through all the negativity that exists in our world today.  May our wisdom and compassion allow us to act skillfully in all moments of time.  May our voices be soft, our actions strong and both motivated by deep love.

    In doing this, 'we' will bleed out all of our ancient and twisted karma. Our species will find that peaceful place to rest, and call home... no matter where we are.  We will find ourselves as peaceful and connected as that majestic dog above.



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