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    Found My Roots.

    “I built a business... but I was getting further away from my own personal dream!”

    Roots are fundamental to life... it’s up to us to find our own specific roots and nourish them like expert gardeners.  

    So... easy to say... never really knew what it meant.  I think I’m getting there though....

    Our genetic roots.  Our emotional roots.  Our spiritual roots. These things are buried so deeply in our DNA that we are wise to cultivate them and bring them to the forefront of our minds... allowing them to work for us!  Bringing us joy, peace and abundance.

    I totally got away from mine!  

    Here’s a little secret... 10 years ago I dreamed about being a dog walker.  To be a sheppard for the calmest, happiest, most loving dogs. To take them into nature and merge into ONEness with them.   At the time I was embarrassed about dreaming this. My inner voice would judge me...I had two business degrees... and this is how I was going to use them!

    So... I found a loop-hole in the city zoning and started a ‘pet shop’... which was really a daycare (so I could hang with dogs all day)... and all it needed was a bath tub to say ‘we did grooming’.  

    And presto... Woof & Shloof was born.

    Grooming became so successful that I did was any business man would do... follow the money!!!  Then I had a kids. Then I got sidetracked.

    NOW... the cosmos say it’s time for change!  

    The kids are old!!  The business is mature!!  The team is excellent!!

    NOW it’s time for ME.  And I’m starting a dog walking company.  We launch in 6 weeks.

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