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    Great Traits of the Humans Who Work Here

    I’m growing more sensitive to the changes that manifest when the season changes...In life, and in business.  

    I’ve become a huge believer in the law of attraction... which is why I wasn’t quick to replace Cheryl (our tenured groomer with dreadlocks... she left in December to grow roots and start a family in Hamilton).  I trusted that the universe would send me her replacement, and I trusted that I didn’t need to be in a rush.    

    Over the last few weeks our business has attracted some exceptional humans who want to work here as a groomer.   I asked myself... what makes them exceptional?

    This morning I found myself hyper aware of the qualities that I look for in the humans that I hire.  Since these are the people who look after our dogs, I thought it would be a cool thing to share... So here is my list of qualities...

    • Ability to sense all beings in the room simultaneously.
    • Ability to sense what’s going on in other beings nervous systems.
    • Empathy. Kindness.  Compassion.
    • Awareness of their posture, their hands and their gaze WRT animals.
    • Low levels of re-activity
    • High levels of present moment awareness
    • Ability to listen and act according to their instincts

    Smack - Awesome kibble and treat.  

    Here at Woof & Shloof, we don't have a lot of space for retail products, so what we do carry is carefully curated to bring you the best in food, treats, toys, and accessories for your dog.
    This is the first installation in what we're hoping will become a monthly feature of what we're especially loving (and so are our dogs!). This month, "Smack" is in the spotlight.
    Handmade in Canada, "Smack" is a dehydrated raw kibble that comes in three varieties for your dog to enjoy. Caribbean-Salmon Fusion, Very Berry Chicken, and Chunky Chicken can be fed as small treats to reinforce training, or as a complete meal.
    Whole, raw ingredients are used, and you can pronounce (and eat!) everything in the ingredient list. To top it off, all three varieties are completely grain-free, making it an ideal snack or meal for a wide range of diets. Nothing synthetic inside, either!
    We'd love for you to stop by with your pooch to try a bite or two of this amazing new food, we know they'll be asking for more "Smack" if you do!



    A Zen Dog Poem

    Warm greetings,

    Last thursday evening I arrived back on earth after a week hiatus at a silent zen center.  It was my first time doing something like this.  I wasn’t alone... I went with a very good friend and teacher of mine.  We were together, but we didn’t talk.

    For the first two days I was completely lost.  I literally followed him around like a dog follows his master.  

    My eyes and ears constantly open to present moment stimulus.  You get so quiet and rested on these things... you come to understand how your dog sees the world.  Concious breathing...Napping... spontaneous reactions... ready to flow with the pack or react to the environment.  No conception of regular time.  

    Unconditioning the animal that we are.

    I was inspired by an outdoor dog who lives at the monastery where I stayed.


    She was a beautiful white husky with the most calm and balanced disposition I have ever come across.  I laughed to myself when I deduced she was probably a vegetarian...I knew she was fed leftovers from the kitchen.  


    I saw her three times that week and it made me really miss my job...  

    The second time she was following two farmers who worked the property.

    The third time she was laying still under a tree, not sleeping. Fully AWAKE.


    That moment brought me to this.  A zen poem I wrote for you.

    My feet feel the sidewalk;

     My ears hear a rhythmic jingle of metal.  

    Both ends of the leather are facing up in a smile.

    The last few moments of a dog walk.

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